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Noticed bad smells? Gurgling pipes? Slow flushing?

Chances are, you’ve got a blockage somewhere in your drains. If you leave a blockage untreated, you could face leaking pipes, worsening odours, and backed up waste water – and in the worst cases, you could even end up with your home totally flooded!

Optimum Drain will sort out the problem quickly, cleanly, and without fuss. We’ll be on the scene within hours of your call, using our top-level skills and equipment to diagnose and clear your blockage. Our professional and affordable service will leave you more than happy with the results. No matter how big the problem, we’ll be there to handle it.

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Drains &

Efficient solutions for clear drains and sewers, ensuring a smooth-flowing plumbing system you can rely on.


Precision meets insight with our CCTV Investigation, providing a thorough and accurate analysis of your plumbing.


In order to save time and money on repairs, Optimum Drain offers scheduled maintenance services.

Clay Pipework

Clay drainage systems are strong and long-lasting, but they’re not invulnerable. Tiny tree roots can enter loose clay plumbing.


We don’t just take care of standard drainage systems – we also have a great deal of expertise in soakaway drainage systems.

Repair and

Our highly skilled engineers can repair faulty pipes of all sizes. They are trained in confined space entry and safety awareness.

Why Choose Optimum Drain

Choose us for unparalleled expertise and a proven track record in delivering efficient and reliable plumbing solutions. Pick us for expert service, transparent quotes, and rapid, reliable fixes.

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Accredited by esteemed organisations, we take pride in our dedication to excellence, consistently meeting stringent quality benchmarks set by industry leaders

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“Working extremely hard to deliver the best possible service for each of our clients.”

The only company you need to phone for all your plumbing and drainage requirements.

Customers have continued to flock to us for all services related to plumbing, and drainage; when you consider the wealth of experience and solid workmanship that we promise, it’s easy to see why.

At Optimum Drain, our team of professionals is fully trained and accredited and has what it takes to deliver a service with no comparison. Such is our confidence in the quality of our workmanship that we are proud to say that it is fully guaranteed. For all installations, services, and repair work, our team only uses parts and components sourced from trusted suppliers.

All work is carried out by us in line with strict quality controls. You can always rest assured, therefore, that when choosing Optimum Drain, you’re in safe and capable hands.

Optimum Drain CEO – G.M.

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