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Clay drainage systems are strong and long lasting, but they’re not invulnerable. Tiny tree roots can enter loose clay plumbing joints, slowly breaking away the clay as they grow. Clay also has low tensile strength, meaning it can snap under enough pressure.

If your clay drainage system is badly damaged, it will need replacing. Optimum Drain can safely remove and dispose of the old clay drains, replacing them with a brand-new, strengthened PVC drainage system.

This will be carried out quickly and precisely, with care taken not to damage the surrounding area.

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Low tensile strength: Clay has a high compressive strength, making it difficult to crush, but it also has a low tensile strength, making it susceptible to breaking under very heavy loads. Clay sewage pipe should ideally be covered with concrete to avoid this, although doing so increases installation time and expense.


Tiny tree roots infiltrating loose clay plumbing joints can expand and dislodge the clay, leading to leaks vulnerable to root.

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Regardless of their depth or location, Optimum Drain’ dependable drainage experts rebuild broken clay drainage systems.

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We understand that each task is unique, and our  expertise guarantees that all the objectives are met to a high quality.

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