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To streamline both time and cost for repair endeavors, Optimum Drain presents proactive maintenance services. Our meticulously designed programs, originally tailored for commercial and industrial clienteles, are geared towards averting troublesome blockages, unwelcome odors, and potential health hazards.

The objective is to preemptively eradicate scale and debris accumulation, ensuring that the drain’s diameter doesn’t shrink to the point of causing clogs and disruptions. When planning our maintenance, we consider the diverse usage of pipes for different chemicals and varying frequencies.

The results of our preventative drain maintenance programmes:

  • Do not cause damage to or block drains or pipework
  • Do not cause damage to or block drains or pipework
  • Avoid unplanned expenses because of clogged drains
  • Prevent floods from posing any health problems
  • Optimum Drain creates a programme to minimize inconvenience and keep your business operating without interruption
  • Debris and scale build-up should be removed.

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